Skin is the largest organ in our body that shows visible signs of what goes on inside. It’s essential to take care of it with the right products that are equally safe and effective. At MSCR, our vast range of tests align with international guidelines, while focusing on understanding the needs and problems of the Indian skin type. This specialised objective helps us devise custom solutions that cater to our clients’ requirements in India, including 24/48 hours occlusive patch test, HRIPT, comedogenicity/ acnegenicity, open application tests and stinging test, among many others.


  • Acne studies
  • Anti-ageing studies
  • Pigmentation studies
  • Melasma studies
  • Anti sebum effect
  • Anti wrinkle studies
  • Under eye dark circles
  • Glow studies
  • Moisturising studies
  • Skin barrier function tests
  • Skin brightening studies and skin colour assessments
  • Anti pollution studies


  • Anti stretch marks studies
  • Moisturising studies
  • Under arm pigmentation studies
  • Psoriasis and eczema studies
  • Cellulite studies