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What we do?

MSCR is a 360º service institute for clinical studies specialising in beauty and healthcare research catered to the Indian consumer. Our extensive team of experts comprises experienced medical specialists, life science graduates, and management and R&D experts, who are passionate about contemporary research. We are dedicated to diversity, with special focus on skin colour backed by our proficiency in dealing with darker skin tones. Our broad range of clinical and preclinical testing services meet the highest global standards and innovations, encompassing everything from skin, hair, scalp and oral evaluations, including varied expert sensitivity tests. We also deliver highly specialised imaging services with several state-of-the-art imaging devices.

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Our Vision

We aim to be global pioneers in the field of comprehensive dermatology research with a unique spotlight on skin of colour by delivering unparalleled, unbiased, ethical and accurate study reports to help manifest your vision of the perfect product. We support and value our customers and their needs right from the inception up until the very end through extensive reports and tailor-made solutions.

Our organisation’s trademark is simple: the highest level of quality extends across all our services so you can focus on growing your business.

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